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Kurochkin, O., Mavrona, E. & Apostolopoulos, V. et al, “Electrically charged dispersions of ferroelectric nanoparticles.” Applied Physics … (2015).


Gow, P. C., D. McBryde, S. A. Berry, M. E. Barnes, and V. Apostolopoulos. “Characterisation of THz emission from double-metal-patterned gallium–arsenide multiple emitters.” Electronics Letters 50, no. 25 (2014): 1966-1968.

Maple, L. C., S. A. Berry, G. B. G. Stenning, G. J. Bowden, P. A. J. de Groot, and V. Apostolopoulos. “A metamolecule antenna for coplanar waveguides.Optics Express 22, no. 25 (2014): 30473-30481.

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M. E. Barnes, S. A. Berry, P. Gow, D. McBryde, G. J. Daniell, H. E. Beere, D. A. Ritchie, and V. Apostolopoulos, Investigation of the role of the lateral photo-Dember effect in the generation of terahertz radiation using a metallic mask on a semiconductor, Optics Express, vol. 21, no. 14, p. 16263, Jul. 2013.


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S. Hoogland, S. Dhanjal, A.C. Tropper, J.S. Roberts, R. Haring, R. Paschotta, F. Morier-Genoud, U. Keller, Passively Mode-Locked Diode-Pumped Surface-Emitting Semiconductor Laser, IEEE Photonics Technology Letters 12, 1135-1137 (2000). (Southampton e-Print)

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