Slavery and Revolution

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Why Humanities Matter

By Christer Petley |

Why are the humanities essential to addressing global challenges? How can subjects like History, English, or Philosophy equip you with skills you need to face the future? This short film by S&R editor Christer Petley looks at those questions while taking you on a journey to a world of talking hares and racing tortoises…

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Why did Britain Abolish the Slave Trade?

By Christer Petley |

How human rights and a fear of revolution converged to bring about a defining moment in world history …

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Donald Trump and American History

By Christer Petley |

History makes us. It shapes us, just as much as any one of us can shape it. And this is as true for a President of the United States of America as it is for you or me. So, for us to try to understand President Donald Trump’s place in American history, we need to […]

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Reflections on ‘Nelson’s Dark Side’

By Christer Petley |

I have been interested in Admiral Lord Nelson for about as long as I can remember. I knew him first as the heroic victor of the Battle of Trafalgar. Famously, Nelson gave his life to help win that battle, against the rival combined fleets of Napoleonic France and Spain. Badly wounded at the height of […]

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On White Fury

By Christer Petley |

The title of the book was decided late on. ‘Slavery and Revolution’ was my working title throughout the writing process. But with the manuscript completed, the press wanted a change, and we eventually agreed on White Fury: A Jamaican Slaveholder and the Age of Revolution. The book, as the title makes clear, is about a […]

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