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The transition from A-level maths to undergraduate mathematics

The transition from A-level mathematics and further maths courses to undergraduate (UG) mathematics courses can be challenging at times. This project aims to contribute to an improved transition through creating and curating high quality tutoring materials for the transition from Maths and Further Maths at A-level to undergraduate mathematics, and piloting these materials in a continuous cycle of improvement by a tutors, UG maths students with post-16 schools. Based on several sources, this project will create a free ‘transition’ booklet for post-16 schools. For more information, contact Dr Christian Bokhove.

Team members are:

Dr Christian Bokhove – Southampton Education School
Dr Athina Thoma – Southampton Education School
Dr David Gammack – School of Mathematics
Dr Lu Heng Sunny Yu– School of Mathematics
Mrs Sarah Roberts–Barton Peveril College
Mrs Frances Downey–High Storrs School



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