Activities and projects

MSHE members work and have worked on many projects during the years. Sometimes postgraduate opportunities can be undertaken under the supervision of our centre’s members. If you are interested in undertaking postgraduate studies in Mathematics, Science or Health Education please contact one of our centre members or one of the two directors, Christian Bokhove or Marcus Grace.

A selection of our projects:

In international comparisons for mathematics like PISA and TIMSS, Asia outperforms England considerably. For geometry this difference is even greater. With a new maths curriculum coming into play in England in 2014, the enGasia project aims to compare geometry education in England, Japan and Hong Kong and to find out how an interactive electronic book could improve geometry teaching. Based on specific characteristics of the participating countries two digital resources (electronic books) will be designed. They are then implemented in classrooms in those countries. The methodology will include a more qualitative approach based on lesson observations and a quasi-experimental element. The results of this will be disseminated in several publications, public workshops and a dedicated weblog. The proposed project will result in a close collaborative network between England, Japan and Hong Kong.

The School Mathematics Project 2 explored whether and how we can revive these quality resources and explore how we can transform SMP into an SMP 2.0.

The MC Squared project ( is developing a software platform to foster Creative Mathematical Thinking among students and teachers, and to provide creative industries, involved in the production of multimedia content for educational purposes, with new solutions. – See more here.

The PGCE and SKE+ ran a ‘Mathematics outside the classroom’ day. The dedicated page is here.

Lifelab  an innovative educational intervention aiming to improve young people’s health and inspire an interest in science.

PriSciNet  is an EU funded FP7 Supporting and coordinating action (Call SiS-2010- on innovative methods in science education, focusing on teacher training on inquiry based teaching methods on a large scale in Europe. The project is coordinated by the Malta Council for Science and Technology (MCST) and has 17 partners from 14 countries.  The project aims to support and coordinate innovative inquiry based teaching methods in primary science using networking as a model of professional development for teachers. Dr Jenny Byrne is the lead investigator from Southampton Education School.

CASSIS is a 4-year EU-funded project under the International Research Staff Exchange Scheme, which aims to improve communication about socioscientific issues (SSIs) between people with opposing views, to help them to develop a collaborative reflection and to improve their reasoning integrating wider perspectives. Prof Marcus Grace, Dr Andri Christodoulou, and Willeke Rietdijk are involved in this project from Southampton Education School.

PARRISE is an EU-funded project focusing on developing professional development programmes for pre-service and in-service science teachers  with an aim to promote responsible research and innovation in science education both at the primary and secondary school levels.  The professional development programmes developed are based on the SSIBL framework, which combines elements of socioscientific issues, inquiry-based learning, citizenship education and responsible research and innovation in order to engage young people in learning science for and in society. PARRISE is coordinated by the Freudenthal Institute of Science and Mathematics Education, Utrecht University, The Netherlands and consists of 18 partner institutions from 11 EU and related countries. The University of Southampton is one of 18 partners involved in the PARRISE project, leading the work package on Teacher Professional development in SSIBL at the Lower Secondary Education level. Prof Marcus Grace and Dr Andri Christodoulou are the researchers involved from Southampton Education School.

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