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Science and Maths for All event

Science and Maths for All

Last week, we had a Mathematics, Science and health Education Research Centre (MSHE) event for MSc students. During this event students were given the opportunity to engage in activities, discuss mathematics and science education research; and meet members of the Mathematics Science and Health Education (MSHE) Centre at Southampton Education School.

The talks and activities included:

  • Fostering young children’s curiosity about numbers in everyday life (Dr Charis Voutsina)
  • What can we learn from looking at how mathematics is taught in other countries? (Prof Christian Bokhove)
  • The importance of language in mathematics (Dr Ros Hyde)
  • Mathematics in our everyday life and Maths escape rooms (Dr Athina Thoma)
  • Once upon a time… engaging students with hands-on science activities using mystery stories (Dr Neta Shaby and Dr Ran Peleg)



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