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Real-time research aims to support ‘lost and anxious’ young people through COVID-19 pandemic

Understanding the impact of COVID-19 restrictions on young people and how they can be better supported during the pandemic is the basis of a new study led by a group of University of Southampton researchers.

Over the past week, Southampton researchers from the Southampton Education School  and Faculty of Medicine MRC Lifecourse Epidemiology Uni have mobilised local young people to gain insights into how they understand g

Dr Woods-Townsend

overnment messaging, how they are dealing with the restrictions on their freedom of movement,

what support they feel would help them to stay at home and their views on potential approaches to safely come out of a national lockdown. An early finding of the research is the young people felt it was going to be difficult for them to stay at home during lockdown without being engaged in purposeful activities.

For more information see this news item or contact Dr Kathryn Woods-Townsend.


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