Network for Learning meeting 2015

 Unfortunately we’ve had to cancel this meeting.


The third Network for Learning meeting will be held at Highfield Campus, University of Southampton, UK on the 22nd and 23rd of September 2015. This informal network of network researchers who work within or are interested in the field of education research wa started in 2014 with Network meetings in Antwerp, Belgium and Duisburg, Germany. The informal character of the meeting comes to the fore in less ‘one way’ sessions and more unstructured sessions aimed at sharing and collaborating.


All researchers with an interest in social network analysis. Although the Network focuses on Education it is envisaged that the multidisciplinary nature of SNA, as well as the methodological approaches, make the meeting interesting for a broader group.


Tuesday 22 and Wednesday 23 September 2015. The morning section of the 22nd and the afternoon section of the 23rd are ‘optional’ and can be utilised to work in smaller groups on some concrete proposals, publications, data analysis and/or project bids.


Please reserve a free ticket on Eventbrite. Lunch, drinks etc. are included, as we have found some funds to cover these. Some modest bursaries are available for participants of the first two Network meetings to promote continuity.


Building 32, Highfield Campus, University of Southampton, United Kingdom.
The easiest way to get there:

  • Southampton has an airport and FlyBe has flights from all across Europe (and within THE uk). After that it’s a question of taking UniLink bus U1C to Highfield.
  • You can also fly to London Heathrow and/or Gatwick (Easyjet flies there, for example, but there are several other affordable options) and then take a very affordable National Express bus to Highfield Campus.
  • By train you need to get a ticket to Southampton Airport Parkway and then aforementioned Unlink bus U1C.
  • Actually, from just across the North Sea it also is quite easy to go by car: the cheapest and quickest option probably is to go with a DFDS boat from Dunkirk to Dover and then drive 2-3 hours.
  • If you need advice or assistance please let me know:


By far the easiest accommodation would be Highfield House Hotel

Contact number: 023 8055 4223
E-mail address: or
Internet: free wifi

Expected speakers

Professor Martin Everett has a Chair in Network Analysis at the University of Manchester. He co-founded the Mitchell centre for social network analysis which evolved from the existing Manchester Social Networks Group. He is a past president of the International Network for Social Network Analysis (INSNA) and co-author of the software package UCINET. He will talk about centrality measures in Networks: strengths, developments, limitations.

Dr. David Millard. David is a Senior Lecturer of Computer and Web Science at the University of Southampton, UK. Provisionally, David will talk a bit about some of the early work done in online SNA, and the danger of privileging the analyses that are easy to conduct, and also talk about some of the more recent work in Web Science that takes a more sophisticated view and includes SNA as part of a larger research framework.

We want the parallel sessions to not be a lot of preparation and therefore suggest the attendees each bring slides from a presentation they’ve given before. The purpose should be to exchange what we are all working on so that a useful discussion ensues.

Provisional programme

Tue September 22nd, 2015 Wed September 23rd, 2015
AM session
Working together on proposals, publications, data analysis, project bids.
AM session Network day part 29-10 Keynote: Dr. David Millard10pm Presentations
(2 parallel sessions of 3 presentations, last presenter as chair, 90m total with 15m contingency)11.30 Break11.45-13.00 Roundtable running into lunch and PM session (3 times, 5m to set up a ‘thesis’, then 20 minutes.).
PM sessionNetwork day part 112-1 Registration1pm Opening1.15pm Keynote: Martin Everett on ‘centrality’2.10 Presentations (2 parallel sessions of 2 presentations, last presenter as chair, 60m total with 15m contingency)3.15-3.45 Publishing SNA research.3.45-4.15 Break4.15 Workshops with focus on analytical techniques.5.45 Finish PM session
Working together on proposals, publications, data analysis, project bids.
Suggest dinner
Festive occasion


We reserve the right to cancel the meeting if numbers stay low.


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