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Dr Bokhove receives British Academy award

Dr Bokhove has been awarded a c. 30k grant for an international collaboration with Japan and Hong Kong.

“In international comparisons for mathematics like PISA and TIMSS, Asia outperforms England considerably. For geometry this difference is even greater. With a new maths curriculum coming into play in England in 2014, this project aims to compare geometry education in England, Japan and Hong Kong and to find out how an interactive electronic book could improve geometry teaching. Based on specific characteristics of the participating countries two digital resources (electronic books) will be designed. They are then implemented in classrooms in those countries. The methodology will include a more qualitative approach based on lesson observations and a quasi-experimental element. The results of this will be disseminated in several publications, public workshops and a dedicated weblog. The proposed project will result in a close collaborative network between England, Japan and Hong Kong.”

Other center members will be involved as well. The project starts September 1st 2014.

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