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Chapter in The Early Career Framework Handbook on ‘Adapting Teaching’

Dr Christian Bokhove has teamed up with Ryan Campbell of the Intercultural school in Jakarta to write the chapter ‘adapting teaching’ for the The Early Career Framework Handbook. At the moment the chapter is available for free download on the Sage website. About the chapter:

This chapter covers a lot of ground, but at its core is the idea that expert adaptive teaching can be seen as a ‘guidance dilemma’: when to give what amount of guidance to optimise learning. The chapter directly addresses several sections of the Early Career Framework (ECF), such as in promoting good progress (section 2), planning and teaching well-structured lessons (section 4), and adaptive teaching (section 5). Given this extensive range of sections, it would be best to see the content of this chapter as a starting point for these topics, not a com-plete overview; further reading is given at the end of the chapter

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