Getting the most out of Feedback

Improving feedback

The following resources can be used with groups of teaching staff, students and quality staff. They can be adapted or used in any way you wish.

How much do you think about the feedback you give and receive?


Development videos

In all the videos below some sort of feedback is taking place (or failing to take place). Watch the videos and discuss the questions which come up at the end.

video 1

Talking to the Head of Department: Bill has working at the university for one semester. As his head of department Anne must speak to him to review his teaching performance, but is she taking it seriously enough? Can Bill get answers to his questions?

Video 2New lecturer meets her mentor: Donna is a new lecturer at the university. She meets Peter, her official mentor, for lunch.

video 3


Everyone asks the same question: It’s open office hours for Dr Brambell and everyone’s asking the same question.

Video 4

Feedback on new module: This semester Alan has taught a new module for the first time. In this video he attempts to get some feedback from the class.


Video 5Nearly a first: Susan has just missed out on a first class mark. She is very well motivated and hopes that Professor Smith can help her do what’s necessary to get a first.

Video 6


Low mark: Roger has not done very well on his latest assignment. Perhaps a chat with Professor Jones will help.

Video 7Feedback to the whole class: Dr O’Leary has been teaching MacBeth this semester. She decides to give some general feedback to the whole class before she returns their marked essays.


Video 8Staff-student committee: It is time for the staff-student committee to meet and Abigail has an issue she needs to raise.


Card activity

Use this card activity in a professional development setting:

  • to demonstrate some of the thousands of possible scenarios in which feedback can occur
  • OR to encourage reflection on how a participant might use of receive feedback in their work.

Download the activity’s cards and instructions.

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