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The following is a brief discussion of random ideas I have so far. My blogs in the next few weeks will elaborate on some of the following ideas. These ideas in their present form are by no means fully formed or coherent. Rather, there are posted here as a general guide for me to investigate further with a general sense of direction eventually leading to material suitable for our assignment.

Cognitive psychology/artificial intelligence along with constructivism in learning. Is it possible to compare constructivism with the concept of a filing system in a computer? For example where we talk about scaffolding in education, is it is similar idea to rural and a filing system in a computer? In a computer, there is a short-term memory as well as a long-term memory. RAM and ROM, and that’s what it’s all about.

Social cognition dealt with a lot on the behaviour of an individual in a social setting. It dealt with how the individual looks at oneself, how they perceive the characteristics of a group, and how they behave accordingly. Could it be that is part of this awareness is what drives the popular uptake of social networking? If this were so, how much of that can be gleaned and adopted for collaborative learning via the Internet?

Written by Mandy Lo on December 1st, 2011

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