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Eleonora Gandolfi

Eleonora Gandolfi

I concluded my BA in “Preservation of Cultural Heritage and Archaeology” at the University of Bologna in 2008 defending a dissertation work titled :”The management of three-dimensional data in the stratigraphic excavation of SHM-1, Hergla (Tunisia)”. The research was focused in the creation of 3D model of complex stratigraphy through GRASS. .

In 2009, I started an MSc in Computing Archaeology (Virtual Past) at the University of Southampton. My dissertation was focused on Late-Holocene Landscape virtual reconstruction of Sebkhet el Menzel, Tunisia.

My PhD research is focussed on digital landscape simulation and on the representation of the interpretation and uncertainties of archaeological data to a general public.

I tweet at @eleonorag1

Nicole Beale

Nicole Beale

I am studying a PhD in improving access to cultural heritage using the Web. I am based at the University of Southampton’s Web Science Doctoral Training Centre and the Archaeological Computing Research Group.

I am interested in open data, particularly how this can be used by museums and for public archaeology projects. I teach workshops on social media and also open data use for researchers. I am currently a CHASE Going Digital Scholar. I deliver a Lifelong Learning module on Urban Archaeology.

I have worked in the past for local government museums, as an Assistant Curator and also in education, in digital media, and in outreach. I now work as a consultant for local authorities. I also have a background in eLearning for Higher Education institutions. I have a degree in History of Art, a Masters in Archaeological Computing and a Masters in Web Science. I teach and publish on all of the above topics whenever possible.


This summer I have been co-directing a University of Southampton training dig. The excavation had a significant community archaeology component. You can read more about the project at the Basing House blog.

I blog at The Cultural Heritage Web, and tweet as @nicoleebeale.

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