Creating a blog

Who can have a blog?

Anyone who is a member of the University or group affliated with the University can request a blog.

What can the blogs be used for?

The blogs should be used to showcase the University, it’s academic and research profile, and it’s community presence.

How do I create a blog?
  1. Please complete our “Requirements Gathering” form using your University’s username and password to login. This is a generic form designed to capture your initial requirements. The form also ensures that we embed web accessibility from the start by understanding your audience needs and restrictions. For more information about the University’s approach to Web Accessibility, please check our Web4All site at
  2. We will be contacting you within 10 days from submitting the form to discuss your requirements. In the majority of cases,  we have been able to reply to requests within a couple of days, but please bear in mind that this might not be always possible due to our workload demands.  In addition, there might be circumstances in which we might need to take more time assessing your requirements. This is done in order to ensure that a blog can provide you with what you are looking for. If this is not the case, we will discuss more suitable alternatives that could be offered you.
  3. If we both agree that a blog would be the best option, we will then set up a blog for you and you will be able to begin working on it immediately.


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