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News from the THz group

Feb 21

Duncan McBryde publishes his first paper in Optics Express

Duncan McBryde, second year PhD student in the THz group, has published his paper entitled “Fluence and polarisation dependence of GaAs based lateral photo-Dember terahertz emitters” in the journal Optics Express. This paper presents the characterisation of THz output for photo-Dember emitters fabricated on different GaAs substrates. This paper can be found at:

Dec 16

Paul Gow publishes his 1st paper in APL

Paul Gow, 2nd year PhD student in the THz group, published his first paper in AIP’s Applied Physics Letters journal today. This paper presents our latest results on multiplexed lateral photo-Dember THz emitters using a cylindrical lens array:  

Jul 15

Optics express paper published

Another paper has been published in Optics Express. Mark Barnes is lead author in Terahertz emission by diffusion of carriers and metal-mask dipole inhibition of radiation:

Apr 09

Optics express paper published by Mark Barnes

We have published a paper in the Optics Express. Mark Barnes is lead author for Investigation of the role of the lateral photo-Dember effect in the generation of terahertz radiation using a metallic mask on a semiconductor: