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‘Slavery and Revolution’ is a free resource and open to anyone. The material on the site is intended for use by academics, students, and others to use in their research, teaching, and learning. All we ask is that when you use or quote from the material posted here, you acknowledge the site. A suggested format is:

‘Simon Taylor to Chaloner Arcedeckne, Kingston, 3 March 1774. Accessed at on 23 August 2012 (original in Cambridge University Library).’

The presentation of the citation might change in line with the referencing style you use. Simply list this website in a format as similar as possible to the suggestion above when you make use of the material presented here.

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3 thoughts on “Conditions of Use

  1. I am an Anglican priest (formerly Church of England, now U.S. Episcopal Church) semi-retired and writing my PhD.dissertation at SUNY-Buffalo concerning the complicity of the C of E in Caribbean slavery. Currently I’m researching the published writings of clergy serving in Barbados and Jamaica throughout the slavery era. So I much appreciate access to your holdings, and happy to be in touch with anyone working in this field.

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