This site is about Jamaica and slavery during the Age of Revolution.

Find out about slavery and abolition during the period shaped by the American, French and Haitian Revolutions – between about 1775 and 1820 – using the ‘contexts‘ section as well as exploring detailed source material, news and updates.

The main focus of the site is a collection of letters written by Simon Taylor, a wealthy and powerful Jamaican slaveholder. These letters are an important source of information about Caribbean slavery during the Age of Revolution that provide one important way into exploring how slaveholding was perpetuated, resisted and, eventually, ended in the British empire.

In addition you can find news and posts about the histories of slavery, resistance and abolition. These updates focus on academic work and events, as well as on public history and work by students.

You can keep up with news about the Slavery and Revolution site and the themes it covers on twitter, via @SlandRev.

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