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Lucy is a 15 years old student. After an exhausting day at school, Lucy wants to buy some new clothes, and she will go for shopping. Because she is exhausted decides to search for the top rated offers and to see if there is an offer that will be nice for her.

Lucy starts the application and enters her username and password for logging in. Lucy then is redirected at the Home page.  Lucy clicks on the offers button and is navigated to the Offers page.  Afterwards, Lucy clicks on the Top Rated offers tab for viewing the top rated offers and to decide if she will follow an offer.  After a quick view, she finds out one offer that interests her and clicks on it for seeing more information. The offers rating and commenting are too convincing so Lucy decides to go and check for the offer by herself.

UML Use Case

View top rated offers

View top rated offers use case

User Interface Storyboard:

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