Topic 5: Open access to online content

Please read these notes and check out the links below, before preparing and posting your answer to the set question. This document should be regarded as just the start of the discussion, which is then developed over the next two weeks through the conversations themselves and sharing of further relevant links.

Relevant articles/videos

Introductory video:  (8 minutes)

Should online content be free? Is anything really free? How should authors be rewarded for their work? Is traditional copyright legislation fit for purpose in the digital age?

Dramatically Bringing down the Cost of Education with OER: How Open Education Resources Unlock the Door to Free Learning, by David Wiley.

Forbes article: Education finally ripe for radical innovation by social entrepreneurs.

More background reading.

Question for Topic 5:

Explain the advantages and disadvantages to a content producer of making their materials freely available online

Deadline for posting your answer to the set question is midnight on 6/12
Deadline for your comments and reflective summaries is midnight on 13/12

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