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What Can I Say, I am a Mac User

Just a quick thought: The b-method is cool, nice, clean, simple, fairly easy to understand and it does make sense. The level of discrete maths to be applied in it is not to0 hard, at least yet. It's roughly set theory, functions and relations so far. Happy about it. I have a variety of feelings about my advanced programming module. C is interesting, although it can be hard to write correctly. Continue reading →

Nerdy Specialist Banter

My first day at work in ECS Helpdesk consisted of mostly nerdy specialist banter*, though I did manage to help a student who couldn't log on to a Mac for some unknown reason. Also whilst I was 'off-duty', I helped one of my friends who had just happened to pick the only faulty monitor in the room - it turns out it was a bad VGA cable, which Toby and I replaced promptly. Continue reading →