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Undergraduate Storyboard

Hiya, my name is Sally, I am an undergraduate student of the University of Southampton, I am doing Electronic Engineering in ECS! This blog is like a storyboard recording and showing you my life here as a student in Southampton, the University and in ECS (Just like the relationship between the library ---- , its function category of –Mathematics-- and the specific operation --abort()-- in C programming )! I hope you find the story FUN! ------------<stdlib. Continue reading →

Group Revision

At last, the end is in sight. Three exams have been beaten back, leaving just maths skulking in the corner, hissing menacingly. Come Tuesday, one of us will be a gibbering wreck. For now, I've got two more days to sharpen my lance and work out what in the name of engineering is up with the Laurant expansion. Maybe I should get the dream-team to explain it to me. On my course, we decided a while back that exams were a beast best conquered as a group. Continue reading →

Exam Time!

Mayday, Mayday, Mayday You probably know that it is an emergency call and I hope you have only heard it in movies. Actually, it is the best way to describe the current situation! Yes, Exams - the hottest topic in university at the moment. Whether it's classroom, labs, library, halls, cafeteria, SUSU shops, sports centre, Uni-link buses, university road, bus-stops etc (don’t know about toilets), you see people talking about exams. Continue reading →