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Second Year is Hectic

So although I’m already a second year, this is my first blog for you all to read! I’m studying the ITO course… and I cannot believe how hectic life has become since last year!! Gone are the days of feeling free and being able to go out any night of the week  We have another C# module this term, it’s literally the most miserable part of the whole week!! We’ve been keeping each other going during the labs with mountains of chocolate and sweets :P I would definitely recommend any... Continue reading →

The Second Year of an Electronic Engineering student is synonymous with slow torture

The Second Year of an Electronic Engineering student is synonymous with slow torture(that you somewhat enjoy!). After all, we have just begun our second week and already, the work has been heaped upon us. Last year, after we were forced to become code-breaking experts to be employed in WW1 (the type of encoding we were tackling was popular then); I thought that I could finally bid adieu to my worst nemesis - Programming. Continue reading →

Summer Holiday

Summer holiday One of the benefits of spending the summer holiday in Southampton is that one gets to see how the University is outside the academic year. It also gives one an opportunity to experience the “British Summer”, with this year’s said to be the coldest in 30 years; talk about summer indeed. Obviously, the campus is less busy and it takes much less time to buy things at the union shop and susu cafe as the queues are shorter and consist of more staff than students at times. Continue reading →

Deadlines Have This Amazing Effect

Deadlines It's quite amazing the effect deadlines have on students. I am pretty sure STACS (this is the helpdesk in the Zepler Computer labs) can attest to the increased traffic both on the computer networks and in human movement during coursework/project deadlines. The effect could even be more striking or significant (or even hilarious depending on how you look at it) when different modules for some strange reasons happen to have coinciding deadlines. Continue reading →

Spring Term Is Coming To An End

Spring term is coming to an end which almost marks the end of my first year of university life here. A lot has been going on in the last six months from the very first day I stepped onto this land. I still remember the day when I walked out of Heathrow Airport, the excitement building up in me was so intense that almost instantly, the fatigue due to the 13 hours-long flight journey was completely gone. Culture shock? Not really. I guess it's just a different living style. Continue reading →

Being a part of ECS has many perks

Being a part of ECS has many perks – near unlimited access to extremely powerful computers, discounts on a large amount of professional level software, very knowledgeable and helpful staff, there’s a lot going for it beyond the quality of the education. But above all that is without a shadow of a doubt the free food. Today (as of writing) we were offered a free, all-you-can-eat buffet lunch in the Mountbatten common room. Rolls! Crisps! Éclairs! Doughnuts! Water! Truly, it was excellent. Continue reading →

The Weather is Getting Colder

Hello, my dear readers! Happy to see you all again! The weather is getting colder, but my life as an ECS student keeps my world warm and bright. Hopefully this blog is helpful and it could convey some warmth to you.:) Modules I have 7 modules in the first semester, four of which will have final exams in January. They are Circuit Theory, Logic Circuit Design, Solid State Electronics and Self-study Math. Continue reading →