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“It is great to be back!”

“It is great to be back!” – A set of words I didn’t think I would use soon enough. After all, at the end of a whole year of assignments and exams, the only thing I could think of was going back home and relax. No more work, no more pressure, no more stress. However, a couple of months into my vacation I started to really miss Southampton, my friends, my freedom and even being given work to do. Continue reading →

#6 – Christmas Holidays

#6 - Christmas Holidays Hooray, Christmas holidays! finally some time off - these last few weeks have been insane. I've had 6 pieces of coursework since about the second week of term, all due in over the last four. But now, I am (mostly) free! I have two pieces of coursework due after Christmas, but both are group pieces that are pretty hard to get done individually, so other than revision for the 6 exams I have, I have most of this time off. Yay! I love my job at the Union bars. Continue reading →

End of Term

Term came to an end. I went home. And, unsurprisingly, I found it incredibly hard to adjust - nothing is easy when you feel like it's sending you backwards. Where I was recovering from the two-and-a-bit months I'd spent here, I thought I was smacking my personality in the face over and over, and so, naturally, once January appeared I was gagging to get back. Home hadn't changed, save for the urge to be with friends more often. Continue reading →