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Fresher’s Week

Where did semester one go?

Where did semester one go? Without wishing to resort to cliché, time has genuinely flown by. My friends and tutor group are so familiar now, it feels as if I’ve known them for years… it’s so strange to think I’ve known them for less than four months! JumpStart (programme for ECS students during freshers’ week) is now just a hazy memory in a brain that’s being rapidly filled up. Continue reading →

Intellectual Bad-Ass

I'm off on a first aid course tomorrow for my Jiu-Jitsu club. Should be interesting and I have done some basic DR. ABC before (though it's probably more like DRY. ABRCDEZ... now). Also teaching freshers (and 4th-years) some Jitsu which is giving me the opportunity to practice my ability to explain things in plain English and to demonstrate that I'm an intellectual bad-ass. Some good news: I've been offered a gig up in my hometown of Bristol. Continue reading →

Royal Academy of Engineering

I wrote back in April about an award I received from the Royal Academy of Engineering. Two weeks ago, just before the start of Freshers' Week, I got to make use of this for the first time with a weekend conference in Birmingham where I got the chance to meet the other winners from top engineering departments across the country and attend a series of personal development workshops. Continue reading →

Fourth Year…

So here I am at the start of four years in Southampton. And the first week and a half have been more eventful than I could have thought. Living in halls is a great experience, and the best part is being completely self-sufficient. Before coming here I had never done my own washing (Mum’s job), cooked for myself properly (Mum’s job), or had to think about money so much (also Mum’s job). Continue reading →

University Eve

University Eve I write on the eve of another university year. Freshers week has passed and was an opportunity to get back to see friends after the summer period. Even in the age of IM and Facebook, going down the pub reigns supreme. In amongst the relaxed air of relative freedom, I detect a more sombre mood as the experience of the second's year graft has sunk in, with the majority expecting a repeat performance to maintain their marks. Continue reading →

Banana Bread for Helpdesk

I hope Helpdesk liked the banana bread Is it that time already? That was a rhetorical question, since my netbook informs me that it is the 10th of December, so bar ntp turning around and betraying me, I will assume that it is the correct date. At the cost of putting more pennies into the blogger's cliché jar, this term has been incredibly quick and event packed. Continue reading →

My First Blog Post – Lets Start With an Introduction

Hello! As this is my first blog post, I guess the obvious place for me to start is by introducing myself. I am here in Southampton to study MEng Electronic Engineering and love every minute of it! I decided to come to Southampton not only because of its great rankings in the league tables but also because of the warmth and sense of fun that was conveyed at the open days and interview. Continue reading →