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Returning to ECS

Returning to ECS Having been back in the UK now for nearly two months, I am well settled into the lifestyle. This year I live in a bit of a multi-lingual household with a Spaniard, a Frenchman, and a German in addition to a couple of English freshers. It has been good fun getting to know everyone's quirks and we hardly ever fight over the shower in the mornings thanks to a rather scattered pattern of morning alarm clocks (I'm usually up first). Continue reading →

MSc experiences at ECS

MSc experiences at ECS "You must answer this question": You will probably be wondering what this sentence has to do with my introduction. Well it is the sentence I say to everyone who complains about the difficulty of my name: "Mustansar" ‘Must-Ansar’ (Pronounced Must Answer). More frankly you can call me 'Musi', my nickname, and my friends call me by this name. I have been here in ECS for the last year. Continue reading →