A Needed Break Over Christmas

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We’re back to the reality of university after a much-needed and in most cases much-deserved break over Christmas, where I for one spent so much time worrying about how much work I had to do that I didn’t have much time to do any – although I did find that mulled wine helped with this, in some way I just can’t remember how.
It’s all kicking off as the end of term approaches with coursework deadlines, exams to revise for and the almighty Group Design Project final presentation. Naturally with all of these events taking place it’s the optimum time to go for a job interview in a foreign country so Hugh jetted off to America for three days (he’d better get the job!).

Meanwhile we had to prepare for our project presentation to be given on Thursday. We are very happy with how the project went and feel we need to get over the brilliance of it in a 25-minute presentation.
Despite the joy that the Group Design Project has given me I will be glad to see the end of it as it has consumed a large part of our first semester.

Hope everyone is well
Your caring, but soon to be non-existent 🙁
GDP Group 6


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