What Can I Say, I am a Mac User

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Just a quick thought:

The b-method is cool, nice, clean, simple, fairly easy to understand and it does make sense. The level of discrete maths to be applied in it is not to0 hard, at least yet. It’s roughly set theory, functions and relations so far. Happy about it.

I have a variety of feelings about my advanced programming module. C is interesting, although it can be hard to write correctly. There is room for plenty of silly syntax errors, plus, as it is not object-oriented it can get messy. On the other hand, advanced Java keeps me happy, GUI’s, event listeners and nested classes sound boring but are in fact really neat and entertaining.

System Administration tools and techniques, oh UNIX, oh LINUX, oh VIM and LaTEx.. What can I say? I am a MAC OSX user, which is UNIX-based, I enjoy it, and I agree on vim’s positive and useful aspects and tools; although, it can be a pain, those commands can be a real pain.

Computer Architecture, well, necessary? Yes. Interesting and captivating?? Yes! Easy? Hell no. Caches, buses, RAIDs and processors (ALU’s, etc). Definitely a time consuming module, enjoyable though.

Software Engineering………………………………can be useful….on a deeper level..soon, I hope.

Data Structures and Algorithms is very nice, extremely interesting and definitively useful. Every data structure, heaps, maps, arrays, etc and their implementations; generic classes, and time complexity of algorithms. It sounds strenuous, but it is not, just understand it and use it. Simple as that.

Lecturers with brilliant minds, all of them. Some styles of teaching are definitely more interesting than the others. Good overall.

Thanks for listening.

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