And Breathe

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And breathe.

This semester has been an absolute test of sanity and friendships. I admit it has also been more eventful than it really needed to be, which didn’t help much to be honest, however, it’s a good skill to be able to focus on your work regardless if you can do it.

First the sanity; the workload this year has been quite high. We had loads of coursework (eleven I think) and then you’re also expected to do extra reading around the subject and have time to do paid-work. This is time you generally don’t have, so you compromise; lose some sleep, put off a hot date or maybe give up a hobby for a while. I know I’m not the only one who did all three! Don’t get me wrong, I think it’s necessary to make these sacrifices sometimes. I will admit I found it hard though.

Now the friendships; I think these are either “make or break” during exams. For me luckily, it was mostly the former. By the end of the exams, I felt our revision group was almost family; we pretty much lived day-in and day-out with each other and regularly ate breakfast, lunch and dinner together. Each of us had come close to breaking point at one time or another and the cracks really did start to show… but we managed it in the end!

It all started off when I suggested a University Challenge-esque game on revision where you would have two teams, and the first one would “buzz in” with the correct answer. For the first time in my educational life, I found revision FUN. It got really competitive! Out of this, the revision group was formed. I would definitely recommend you get together with your friends and study (but only after doing some private study first).

I often hear people saying “I don’t come to labs because I get distracted”. It can happen. But if you imagine a team (not group) of people who are all focussed, want to do well and are motivated, then it works really well I think. Unfortunately, as with any team, there’s always someone you may not get on with. I think I speak for everyone when I say it’s best to “move on” and focus on the task.

So anyway, after the last exam, our revision group had some well-deserved pints, a proper dinner and lots of games of pool. Fun times!

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