I Vividly Remember Arriving in the UK

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Summer is gone.

Every once in a while I tend to look back in time, as our own ECS legend would say, ‘I like regressions’; and this seems to help me explain and understand a lot of whys. In that way I can see myself working hard in New York only a few years ago and enjoy the profit in that. I vividly remember arriving in the UK with a solid dream in my head, finding the best university I could have access to, finding out how to be accepted to do a degree in it, and finally aiming for a better one. That is how I ended up in ECS. Year one here is still fresh in my mind, many thoughts about that populate my earlier blogs. In between lay the trips, the jobs, the issues, and all the doubts.

So here starts year two, I’ve been told it’s the most difficult one, “packed with coursework”, “hard modules”, that is what I hear. I believe them, I sure do, I might even say that thinking about it causes me a weird feeling in the stomach; but I also feel happy, I feel accomplished.

September is an odd month for me, it is when I pay my tuition fees, and as I am self-funded, my bank account cries out loud at that time of the year. The sadness ends soon though, as soon as I start attending lectures and remembering why on earth I decided to go after a pricey UK uni, when I could have gotten a similar degree almost for free, let’s say in Uruguay, where I come from. Well, the answer is simple, because they are excellent at what they do, because they have quality lecturers and because all of them are researchers in relevant areas, the whole thing stands at the cutting edge of IT. Computer science is a difficult degree in general, but I must say, we also have some ‘off the chart’ hard modules in the package; but it does happen that for those ones in particular, we have some seriously brilliant lecturers. So, who minds understanding what a ‘Nondeterministic finite automaton’ is in the first week of the semester if it is explained to you by one of the best lecturers you have ever come across to in your life?

In the end, that is what really matters, the quality of the education that you are receiving, and here is as good as it gets.

That is why I choose them, because they are the best, they are always there to help, and they care.

Today I began week two, I am relaxed so far, and well, at least for tomorrow, everything seems to be under control. Next week, next week we’ll see.
“I try to avoid long-range plans and visions – that way I can more easily deal with anything new that comes up.” Linus Torvalds

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