Feb 28

Preparing a Good Practice example for the Kaunas policy exchange..

While working on researching the policy example for our partner’s meeting in Kaunas Lithuania, 26-27th March, I have navigated from the DISC [Designer- Manufacturer Innovation Support Centre]webpage… to the Trampery in London Fields and then to this interesting conference topic.

The Norwegian Fashion Hub and Needlework and Technology 2014

Here to share.




This includes what seems to be a fascinating exhibition that visualizes the remaining textile industry in Norway, curated by Siv Støldal (NO) and Tone Boska (NO) from Flettverk.

Flettverk includes local artisans, international designers and textile industries around Osterfjorden in Hordaland. Flettverk started as a research project in 2011, and aims to inspire collaboration and exchange of knowledge in the textile industry.

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