Panopto have released a new iPad app to compliment the Panopto for iPhone application that was published 12 months ago.

The Panopto application complements the changes made in Panopto 4.4; a new version which we will hopefully upgrade to over the summer months. One of the changes includes new videos being processed specifically for the iPad.

When you look at any Panopto video on a phone or tablet web browser you see the ‘Podcast’ version of the Panopto session. This is normally a video of the screen with the webcam footage (if any) superimposed over the top. When a video has been produced specifically for the iPad you’ll see dual videos and chapter marks, just as if you were viewing on a PC.

A screenshot of the Panopto application with a recorded session playing within it

The Panopto application running a presentation produced for the iPad

Unfortunately, at the time of writing, the notes feature has been removed from the app. Note taking is a feature that hasn’t been heavily publicised, but allows you to take notes during your live lecture (with you in the lecture theatre and the lecturer at the front) that are then time-coded so that they appear in Blackboard in sync with the video. Hopefully we’ll see this return.

There is no planned release date for an Android version of the app.