LOOPS 2015

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From Limits to Growth to Planetary Boundaries: Defining the safe and just space for humanity

Workshop 23-25 March 2015, New Forest UK

Planetary boundaries mark precautionary limits for the human perturbation of critical environmental processes. Applying the planetary boundaries concept demands much deeper conceptual, analytic and practical integration of societal and environmental dynamics. A notable attempt as such an integration was the World3 model of Meadow’s et al, the results of which were published in the controversial monograph Limits to Growth. This workshop will focus on operational aspects of co-evolutionary modelling: applying models in/for the real world, addressing contemporary human drivers of coevolutionary change, and the characterisation and quantification of planetary boundaries and their interactions.


  • Stimulate collaboration on research of human societies and co-evolutionary dynamics in the Earth system
  • Strengthen the emerging transdisciplinary network of co-evolutionary modelling researchers
  • Advance the strategic agenda for innovative, integrative ‘Whole Earth System’ modelling.
  • Plan joint article on the Safe and Just Operating Space for Humanity
  • Initial draft of a significant proposal that would fund future research in this area.

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