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KeepIt exemplars reveal seven steps to digital preservation readiness

The following edited Twitterstream from Wed. 7th July 2010 is taken from the conference record for OR 2010 on Twapper Keeper (hashtag #or10).

@jisckeepit KeepIt @ OR10 in Madrid. Waiting for Miggie to begin. Funky music playing. Auditorium huge. Audience building

@jisckeepit Miggie speaking as repository manager, not as ‘specialist’ in preservation. Want to show preservation is a ‘realistic aim’ for¬†repositories

[slideshare id=4745059&doc=or10preservingrepositorycontent-100713090052-phpapp02]

@jisckeepit KeepIt @ #or10: Miggie talking about exemplar surveys, objectives and training. Everything is blogged

@jisckeepit KeepIt @ #or10 Miggie: DAF has been a cracking project, and will inform development of NECTAR repository at Northampton for years to come

Miggie Pickton anime at the International Conference on Open Repositories 2010

Reproduced with permission of the OR10 conference organiser, Fundaci√≥n Espa√Īola para la Ciencia y la Tecnolog√≠a (FECYT), Madrid

@RepoSupport Miggie Picton – 7 steps to preservation readiness

@gmcmahon #or10¬†Preserving repository content: practical steps for repository managers – paper…¬†

@jisckeepit KeepIt @ #or10: good question on linking format actions and costs. As Miggie said, need to link LIFE3 on costs with risk analysis from Plato

@jisckeepit KeepIt @ #or10 Excellent talk, good story and well delivered, perfect timing. Well done Miggie

@jisckeepit Preservation @ #or10 session ends. Kudos #or10 organisers for putting this in the main auditorium. Good size audience for this topic

@jisckeepit Miggie says there were 140 people at her KeepIt talk. She counted from the podium. You thought the audience were watching the speaker?

Appended tweet, 14 July 2010:
@jisckeepit Lady in green-terrific stream of #or10 photos for Wed 7 July includes many of Miggie giving KeepIt talk Sense of scale

Miggie in pictures

Miggie: the essence of KeepIt

Photographs added to this blog 16 July 2010, reproduced with permission of the OR10 conference organiser, Fundaci√≥n Espa√Īola para la Ciencia y la Tecnolog√≠a (FECYT), Madrid.

The final tweet above links to the OR10 slideshow. Well worth a view. The individual photographs are available on Flickr. Here are some other photos featuring Miggie

A copy of the related short paper is available from the conference site.

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