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Tweets from the repository cloud

From the desktop to the cloud, via a repositoryTwitter RT @llordllama: The challenge is not cloud computing but cloud thinking

I didn’t go to the JISC-Eduserv meeting on Repositories and the Cloud (23 February 2010), but here is my take anyway, based on selected entries from the tagged Twitterstream for this event (#repcloud), presented in chronological order (and with a nod to my EPrints affiliation). Slideshare presentations by the main speakers on the day are available from the event Web site. There is also a Twapperkeeper archive of the Twitter record using the same tag. Thanks to all the contributors for adding the colour to this report.

Repository and cloud storage are a topic for module 4 of our ongoing KeepIt course on digital preservation tools for repository managers.

BTW, did anyone mention Nicholas Carr’s book The Big Switch?

neilstewart big science and research data seem to be the coming things for repositories

KavuBob Key providers: Amazon, EMC, Rackspace, Microsoft but can’t offer type of SLA, long-term reliability, or security academia wants

mcguthrie M Kimpton: Trusting 3rd Party, data security, long term reliability top 3 challenges in recent survey.

adrianstevenson M Kimpton: 47.7% instititutions said they were likely to use cloud in next 12 months

KavuBob ‘Duracloud designed to be be hosted by DuraSpace, ‘local’ install, or consortial service’ [for clarity DuraCloud =interface layer]

onothimagen extensive use of present tense in Duracloud talk. this is all production standard ready-to-roll – just like DSpace 2, right?

paddymcc “Standing on the shoulders of giants, or on the stepladders of their data”

tadpole99 RT @llordllama: The challenge is not cloud computing but cloud thinking

janestevenson Les Carr: Repositories need to be agile: to utilize and be able to migrate to new platforms.

andypowe11 bur “cloud can blow away” – hybrid storage controllers from make decisions about where data goes based on policy file

llordllama This has gone too techie for me.

andypowe11 wondering where the drivers for cloud support in eprints duraspace and zentity really come from – is it just “because we can”?

davetaz @llordllama Integration with Plato, take the workflow from plato load it into EPrints, EPrints performs actions. Find me for more.

kevingashley For Eprints, the App Store becomes the Bazaar. Looking forward to haggling over prices, then 🙂

andypowe11 cloud APIs currentlyi n flux and not well documented – very weak SLAs currently – performance unpredictable – bandwidth ditto

kevingashley Very good analysis of security issues in cloud from Terry Harmer. Some good people have worked on this identifying risks

onothimagen great demo by @davetaz of EP3.2 selective storage control: master file in cloud, dissemination copies local. no vapourware here 😉

RT: @llordllama: Is it too early to go the cloud considering academics worries about even locally hosted repositories

adrianstevenson @paulmiller Policy feedback -“Lots of fear, uncertainty and doubt about the cloud. These need to be addressed “

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