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90mph preservation

Yesterday Dave Tarrant from KeepIt was speaking at the latest Sun PASIG meeting in Malta (#pasig on Twitter). Chris Rusbridge, head of DCC, was tweeting from the event all day and had this to say about Dave’s presentation:

  • Tarrant at 90 mph getting ePrints 3.2 data directly into a couple of clouds (Amazon & Sun). Also SWORD-based deposit from OOXML.
  • P2-registry: make registries linked data, includes PRONOM-wrapper but includes others like DBPEDIA. So PDF1.3 goes from 4 to 50 tools
  • Dave Tarrant: integrating preservation into; spinoffs from PRESERV2 & new Keepit project. Risk data re file types dist’d

The presentation has over 30 slides and 3 screenshot videos (although the videos are not included here). All for a 20 min presentation! Two points to note:

  1. Dave claims the speed was because the meeting was running late. He later added: “it should have been 2 presentations not one!”
  2. Chris Rusbridge pretty well summed it all up in three tweets.

More tweets on Tarrant:

  • hochstenbach Dave Tarrant (U. Southhampton) provides fancy demo’s uploading data via EPrint into the Amazon Cloud
  • babkot47 Dave Tarrant talking (fast) about using hybrid storage for eprints
  • dkeats EPrints is the most flexible platform for building high quality, high value repositories. Looks inpressive, installing now.

There is a clear theme here – speed changes everything.

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