Top tips for securing a placement

This post is written by third year Accounting and Finance student Prabin, currently enjoying a finance placement at Meridian Corporate Finance.

Securing a placement can be a very lengthy process. It exposes you to a whole host of emotions: from the sigh of relief when you finally press ‘send’ on that online application, to the feeling of frustration when you receive a rejection email just two minutes later. The best feeling, though, is when you receive an offer – and here are my top tips for you to do just that!

#1 Persevere

As cheesy as it sounds, don’t give up. Let the rejections spur you on further to make more applications, and devote time to ensure the applications are as best as they can be. Although it’s important to make a lot of applications, it’s equally important to be clever about the applications you choose to make – a year is a long time and you don’t want to waste time making an application just to go on and withdraw at a later stage.

#2 – Start your placement search early

One of the biggest mistakes I made was searching for placements late. A lot of large companies recruit on a rolling basis – so will fill up their placement positions as time goes on. You get a lot of time to secure a placement but it’s best to start making applications early. It gets easier to find excuses the later you leave it (Christmas, January exams, coursework and Jesters were just a few of mine).

#3 Use the Placements Office

The Placements Office and the people in it have a greater idea of what a particular employer is looking for, so make sure to use them prior to every stage of the application. They have great connections and I wish I had made better use of it. Send them applications prior to submitting it online for review, meet with them for mock interviews, get tips for assessment centres and ask them any questions. They’ll help – they certainly did with me!

Good luck with the placements search!

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