Time To Talk Day 2021

4th February 2021 was Time to Talk Day

Time to Talk Day

Time to Talk Day is an initiative set up by Time to Change to encourage people to talk about mental health and to help reduce the stigma around mental health. To find out more about this great initiative visit their website which is filled with useful resources and ways to get involved.

This year the SBS Placement Team supported the campaign by hosting a team coffee and chat to discuss mental health.

Life during a global pandemic has increased pressure on all of us and it is more important than ever to look after our mental health and wellbeing.

How do the SBS Placement Team look after their wellbeing?

“I find taking regular exercise and spending time outside are really beneficial for my wellbeing. I particularly like running but when it’s not possible to go out I enjoy doing online yoga classes. I believe it is really important to make time for activities that you enjoy, although we can’t do a lot of these at the moment I am spending time reading, connecting with friends and family and baking” Libby, SBS Placement Team.

“I have found setting three goals for the day has really helped me to keep some routine during lockdown especially. These can seem small – like taking a walk, washing my hair, or even just clearing my emails – but they really help with celebrating the small successes throughout the year of coronavirus. My most recent venture is to get together with friends through online murder mystery, escape rooms and the TikTok trending, PowerPoint evenings.” Chloe, SBS Placement Team.

“Keeping a routine has been key for my wellbeing, especially whilst working from home.  I ensure that I take regular breaks away from my screen and get a good walk done every day if I can.  Nintendo Switch has been a life saver in the evenings, especially the dancing game and the puzzle games, so much fun!  Regular face time with family and friends also helps”.  Rochelle, SBS Placement Team.

Further support

If you need more support with your mental health then there are a range of places to go for support.

Enabling services are here to support you, their website provides information on the support they can offer.

All UoS students can access the online platform Togetherall. Togetherall provides a community, courses and resources to support mental health.

NHS Mental Health Support


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