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Featured Internship – Disney

Laura is one of our students who is currently half-way through her placement year with Disney. She gives us a little insight into her tasks and the magic behind them all…

Once upon a time in a land known as Hammersmith, there was a magical place called The Walt Disney Company where they employed lucky interns from faraway places all around the kingdom….
I have always been a big kid at heart with a passion for classic fairy-tales, adventure and imagination so when I was told I had an internship with Walt Disney I couldn’t have been happier! I have now been working at Disney in the Studios EMEA (Europe, Middle East & Africa) Marketing team in Hammersmith for almost 10 months. As the EMEA Studios Marketing team we work across all Disney franchise titles which include; Disney Animation, Disney Live Action, Disney Toon, Pixar, Marvel and Lucas Film across a variety of countries. We have a wealth of new films releasing and I have been lucky enough to work on Guardians of the Galaxy, Big Hero 6, Cinderella Live Action (released March 27th), Avengers: Age of Ultron (April 24th) amongst many others that will be releasing in the next few years including Star Wars: Episode VII, Inside Out, Ant-Man, The Jungle Book Live Action and Finding Dory – all very exciting!!


Disney – Minnie Mouse

My role works predominantly with the Studio Marketing Leads on European campaigns, projects and global conferences across all titles. I work closely with the Owned Channels (Disney Channel, Disney.co.uk, Disney Mailer, etc) creating TV spots for Disney Channel, using Disney Channel cast members for PR opportunities, creating competitions on the social media pages, etc. I also work with the promotions team here at Disney to ensure we have good collaborations with partners on an EMEA and UK level (including Swarovski, Sky, Max Factor and many more). Twice a week I am involved with market research where we track each of our titles from 8 weeks before their release in terms of awareness and interest amongst various audiences. Amongst my main duties I often get involved in Public Relations, Digital Marketing and Media, and even have been lucky enough to work with writers and producers on the scripts before the films are even made.

As the EMEA Marketing intern I often speak to various markets mainly France, Italy, Germany, the UK and Spain (where my Spanish skills are put to the test)! I also PA occasionally for the VP’s of Walt Disney Studios – which can be challenging alongside my role but gives me great exposure to the heads and all aspects of the company.



Across the whole company in the Hammersmith headquarters there are over 130 interns so there are always many social events as well as Studio Team and charity events to attend and help with. We are also lucky enough to have competitor films play in the Disney cinema every Tuesday – I am definitely going to resent paying for the cinema next year!

So far there have been lots of exciting opportunities for me to get stuck into. Some of my greatest achievements so far have been from developing digital social campaigns for Big Hero 6 with the hashtag #IFoundBaymax, producing detailed market tracking reports, to working alongside Swarovski to create a stunning Cinderella touring exhibition.


Disney – Big Hero 6

Cinderella has by far been my most exciting title to be involved in to date. Already a global success and the number one movie worldwide, it is set to release in the UK this week on Friday 27th March! The movie elevates the classic story in a spectacular live action world, re-launching Cinderella as strong, courageous, aspirational and relevant. It is a fresh, exciting and must-see movie event – I love it!


Cinderella’s shoe

For the last few months we have been planning the beautiful Cinderella Touring Exhibition which is now live in Leicester Square and is a grand immersive experience which takes you behind the scenes of the brilliant film making, production and stunning costume design. We worked with the amazing Swarovski on this exhibition who provided 1.7 million crystals for the costumes to add the Cinderella sparkle to the film! More information can be found here and you can also order your free tickets to go and see it yourself! http://movies.disney.co.uk/cinderella/exhibition
The last few weeks have been crazy busy with the Cinderella release and I have been privileged enough to attend the press conference with the cast and of course the spectacular premiere where I was meters away from the charming Prince himself, Richard Madden (who many of you would also recognize from Game of Thrones) and Cinderella, the beautiful Lily James.

I have thoroughly enjoyed my time at Disney so far and not just because of the amazing exposure I have to the entertainment industry but because of the great opportunities I’ve had in a marketing role. My team have been brilliant at getting me involved; I’ve had good insight into diverse areas of the business working with various teams and partners and I have also made some excellent contacts within Disney and agencies for the future. I will miss the daily routine but hopefully it will help me get to the library early for a productive days work when I return to uni! I have gained valuable skills and now understand the importance of working hard, being organised and attentive to detail.


Magical Horse Carriage

I have four months left in the Disney castle and am very much looking forward to the next few projects I have coming my way! Especially those involving Avengers: Age of Ultron & Inside Out.

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