My summer internship with Whitchurch Silk Mill

The following blog post was submitted by 2nd year BA Fashion and Textile Design student, Sywia Orynek.

I first offered to volunteer at Whitchurch Silk Mill during my first year of studies, but then decided to embark on their 6-week summer internship instead. I was especially interested in the opportunity to come up with and produce my own project during the internship, as my future goal is to start my own business, designing textiles.

The internship has benefited me a lot: I have had the opportunity to expand my knowledge of different kinds of looms, including the old Victorian ones that the Mill uses; read more about weaving and textile design from the books that are available for staff at the Mill; and most importantly, my time at the Mill has further solidified my career aspirations.

Sylwia on placement

Me sat at the loom.

Having spent time with and assisting a freelance textile designer during my placement, I have seen first-hand what is involved in running your own textile business. I now know that, next year, I want to do another internship, this time in a larger textile company, where I can learn more about the commercial aspects of textile design.

I’m excited to hear that the Faculty of Business and Law now has its dedicated Placement Office, who are there to help students with finding high-quality placement and internship opportunities.


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