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Would you like to work for the world’s top-selling luxury car maker? BMW offer over 20 student placements across marketing communications, product, press, finance and aftersales, so you will definitely find something to suit you! To find out more about what it is like to work for BMW read about Scott and Ellis’ experiences on this blog.


Before applying for a placement with BMW, make sure you read our top tips from current student Ellis:

1- Be Authentic.

BMW’s corporate culture is all about being yourself. Telephone interviews and assessment centres are relaxed and are focused on your interests and experiences. It is encouraged that you work flexibly to ensure a good work-life balance throughout your placement, and that you are also true to your personality in the workplace!

2- Know the Brand.

Commercial awareness is essential whether you apply for a placement in marketing communications, product, press, finance or aftersales. Do you research about BMW and its competitors and this will pay off throughout the application procbmw-ho4ess.

3- Be Open to Other Roles.

Although you may have a set role in mind when applying, BMW may not agree that you’re right for that specific placement. However, if they think you are right for the company they may offer you another role across marketing communications, product, press, finance and aftersales. So stay open-minded! BMW is a great company to work for and whichever role you end up in you will get a wide range of unique opportunities throughout the year and get to work with many other business areas.

4- Show them you are Different!

BMW are looking for innovative young people to break down the old ways of working, simplify processes and move towards a flexible working culture. Don’t play it safe during the application process. Showcase your creativity and how you will be a key component of positive change in the

Applications for BMW placements 2017/2018 are open now until 4 December 2016.

To find out more and to apply for a placement at BMW, visit


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