Real Responsibility: A Millennial’s Insight into an Industrial Placement

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In the United Kingdom, university students in their penultimate year are able to apply for industrial placements with companies all over the world for a full year of work. This counts as their third year and, once their placement is done, they go back to university to complete their fourth and final year.

“The placement program is an unbelievably invaluable asset,” Rhiannon Thomas, Entry Programs Specialist, explained. “Not many 21 year olds can say they’ve had a full year’s worth of work in a global and corporate environment with real responsibilities, and a clear impact from the start.”

Emma Walker is studying marketing at University of Southampton. This year, she is a marketing and events executive for our Global Experiential Marketing team. Within her first three months on placement, she had experienced the initial planning, event set-up and break-down, as well as providing constant end-to-end support of the INKjet-setters Summit 2017, a global, annual Xerox marketing event in Marseille, France.

“If it wasn’t for Emma, I would be completely lost,” Jane Campbell, Event Operations Manager, said. “If she didn’t have to go back to university, I’d keep her on full-time.”

“If a recruiter from an events management standpoint were to compare Emma’s CV to an average university student’s after their standard three years and minimal work experience,” Joanna Adams, Associate Recruiter, explained. “Emma would be at an incredibly huge advantage.”

Not to mention the wonderful reference that Jane will provide.

“Industrial placement programs are designed to give students support, development opportunities, and maximum exposure to the corporate environment,” Joanna pointed out. “Students get involved in the very heart of the business from the onset.”

Industrial Placement Programme

Pavan and two Xerox students (Joe left and Justin right) at a careers fair.

All of these aspects are a goldmine for a potential recruiter. Especially for companies that have graduate schemes, which are similar to industrial placements. A three-year program, the graduate scheme is designed for young people with Bachelor’s degrees, and helps them grow into specialist roles.

“Students who have previously completed an industrial placement are at an incredible advantage when applying for these positions,” Rhiannon said.

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