Placement life at Oracle: The largest company you’ve never heard of

This post was written by Olly, on placement as part of his BSc Marketing  with Placement Year course

Firstly, the question you’re all thinking…Who is Oracle? And no, it is not the shopping centre in the heart of Reading!

If you happen to know who Oracle are and what they do then you can be assured you’re part of a particularly exclusive club. What if I was to tell you that they have an employment force of over 130,000 people worldwide, deal with over 430,000 customers in 175 different countries, are the 17th most valuable brand in the world and had revenue last year of $37.7 billion? If you still don’t know who they are then don’t worry, I hadn’t heard of them either prior to my application research back in October. In this blog and others after it I will share my journey of how a BSc Marketing student at the University of Southampton has the ability, knowledge and characteristics to be an integral part of a world leading global giant.

A bit about my job role so far: I work as part of a global business unit (GBU) called Oracle Hospitality and we deal with: Hotels, Casinos, Cruise ships, Restaurants, Bars, Sports stadiums and Arenas. In fact, you have probably interacted with Oracle software at least 7 times today, or you will do by the end of the day. I bet you didn’t know that, right? I’ve been at Oracle for nearly 2 months now and in that time I have already gone to a taster event at the Emirates stadium hosted by Arsenal FC; I tasted various foods, wines and beers they supplied. I’m the manager of an Emirates Executive Box for our customer to attend, I’ve visited 5 star hotels in central London to scout out venues for one of our many events, I’m part of weekly global calls in which I communicate with my other team members from around the word: North America, Europe, Japan & Asia Pacific and Latin America. I have already been able to explore a variety of different interests in photography, event management, blogging, social media, sales and even a bit of Modelling! As I’m writing this I still can’t believe I’ve done so much in such a short space of time.

Oliver raises a glass to his work at Oracle

My placement journey with Oracle began long before my first official day on the job (2nd July 2018). My interaction with Oracle came when I first started the application process; it was through editing my CV and creating a new cover letter. All the research I had done about Oracle really opened my eyes to so many other companies that typically I would have passed on.

My aim with this series of blog posts is to show how exciting a B2B centric company can be, how they differ from predominantly B2C companies and the skills that are required to successfully operate within a large corporate company. I want to eradicate the internal thoughts of “It’s not well known, I’m not going to apply” or “I’ve never heard of this, so it’s not a good placement” stigma that always springs to mind when sifting through Rate My Placement or the SBS Jobs Board. It’s common to want to work for the biggest ‘customer facing’ companies in the world, because as a consumer those are the companies you are familiar with. However, not all the best placements are with those companies, in fact some of the best placement schemes are in the organisations that are relatively unknown to people outside the Business/Marketing world. The message I want to convey is to not dismiss companies purely because you have never heard of them, explore each opportunity, research every company and I can’t stress enough…Keep your options open!

Even though I’m an Intern at Oracle I certainly don’t get treated like one, I’m given tasks and responsibilities that genuinely have an impact on hundreds of people around the world and I’m a part of a team that respects me and treats me as an equal. I’m only getting started with my placement and can’t wait to see what the next 11 months of my time at Oracle has in store.

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