My Placement So Far: William Grant and Sons UK

This post was written by third year BSc Business Analytics student Emma.

Insights Executive at William Grant & Sons UK.

I started the first week in August (08/08/2017) which is a little earlier than the usual term at UoS meaning I had a slightly shorter summer but I was eager to get started. This actually had many benefits, including having a few weeks cross over period with the previous placement student, Sam. This gave me time to soak up Sam’s knowledge, giving me a head start into my duties as I am the only intern in my department. My team are extremely friendly and welcoming and straight away I got to attend lots of events with the company such as dinner, an escape room and even got to attend Bestival 2017. This helped with getting to know my colleagues personally as well as the brands they work with.

The early starts weren’t as difficult as I expected, I drive every day to the offices in Hook which at first seemed daunting but it was most cost effective for me, however, I know Sam used to take the train everyday as he lived closer to the station. Ensuring that I got an early night was very important and I had to quickly let go of the late night Netflix addictions and partying until early hours of the morning. Already I have learnt a lot about being responsible and having a strict routine with my life, ultimately growing up, and especially at William Grant & Sons I can say that some of the outings we have together definitely make up for it, it is by no means a boring placement or team.

On a day-to-day basis I work with database software to grab data on our brands and categories that have been requested of me, the insights role is very computer based, looking at data and interpreting it. As I am on Business Analytics degree, this fits perfectly. However, that is not to say that a Business Marketing degree for example wouldn’t fit, but I would recommend being comfortable with data and spreadsheets. I expect ill finish being very efficient with excel but this is something you can learn whilst working with it. I’ve just started to dip my toe into a few projects so I’ll catch up when I can tell you more about some of the things I’m involved with.

Overall I’d say that although it’s a different lifestyle to university, its allowed me to mature into a working lifestyle but the little perks that WG&S offers makes it much more fun and after all, unlike university, the weekends are completely yours (no need to revise!). I’ve already been offered lots of opportunities to take part in courses which will aid my degree and add value to WG&S as well as the events and meals with the team and I’m only a month in!

Wishing you the best of luck with your placement search! I started attending assessment days in Oct 2016 but took until June 2017 to find something, placements I was close to include Virgin Media, Microsoft, JP Morgan, The Yes Company and many more smaller companies. Don’t give up, start early, and learn from the rejections. Trust me, you’ll get loads, I got more than my fair share before finding the perfect place! Resilience is key!

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