My placement so far: London Sport

This post was written by third year BSc Marketing student Andrei, currently on placement at London Sport

17 July was the beginning of a new chapter for me. That day I started my year-long placement with London Sport and embarked on an incredible journey, aiming to make London the most physically active city in the world.

My career goal is to work in the sport industry and when I heard about London Sport and their Marketing and Communications Placement, I knew that I had to apply. Once I got it, I looked forward to starting, but I didn’t really know what to expect from it. However, the surprise of finding out what kind of projects I will be working on was a very pleasant one.

In my second day with London Sport, I already had an article published on the website. Since then, as my work for the company has been appreciated by the team members I’ve been involved in some extremely interesting projects.

Firstly, a lot of my work so far was in the branding area of Marketing. I supported with the House of Sport Interior Branding project and you can read more about this on my blog. In addition to this, I project managed the design of An Active Inclusive Capital, strategy that was successfully launched on 24 August. I learnt a lot during this project and faced my first unexpected crisis since I started my placement: on the day of the launch, we received 750 copies stapled in the wrong order. Fortunately, our team managed the situation successfully and we got 600 other copies – this time correctly stapled – and ready for the event and within a matter of hours before the launch!

andrei pic

Andrei enjoying a pitch tour at Wembley before Challenge Cup Final

These projects were the first time when I worked with a creative agency and to do this kind of Marketing work was a fantastic opportunity for me, that allowed me to put to the test the knowledge from the Marketing courses at Southampton.

Secondly, I got the change to produce content for the London Sport’s social media and website. This – and also writing a lot of emails – helped me to improve my writing skills and build on the fantastic basis accumulated during the #UOSM2008 module.

Last but not least, London Sport gave me the chance to attend a big number of events dedicated to marketing and sports. I attended The Drum’s Sport Briefing which was a landmark event for the sport marketing sector. However, the highlight is completing a pitch tour at Wembley, before the start of the Challenge Cup Final and standing just near the players as they were receiving their medals and trophy.

After a month of working for London Sport, I can agree that I made the right choice. Apart from getting the chance to be involved in the projects described earlier, the company has a great social side too. We had a ‘Welcome and Good-Bye party’ for the new and old interns and went several times for drinks after work. However, there are a lot more social opportunities to explore with an office in the heart of London and a great group of people to spend time with!

I will keep you updated with my experiences at London Sport. Until next time you can follow my blog, for more insights from the projects that I am working on and the events that I am attending.


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