My placement so far: Disney

This post was written by BSc Marketing student, Laura


I have been at Disney for just over a month now and I can honestly say that I am very thrilled with the role so far. I am doing a lot more than I expected prior to starting the role as I am being given very important and exciting campaigns to participate in alongside my team, such as Mickey’s 90th Anniversary upcoming in November. Alongside this I am being given total responsibility to manage all the CRM emails being sent out, for the upcoming film released for Disney, which is even more interesting as I get to see the final piece being sent out across all the markets in EMEA. I have also been introduced to numerous different software’s for both creative use as well as analytical which help to make the deployment of campaigns much more efficient.

However, I think more than anything what I find most interesting is seeing how a multi-national company works across all lines of business with different departments and markets worldwide in the company to deploy these campaigns. This showed me just how important communication and team working skills are needed in a business environment as without it Disney’s marketing campaigns would not be as effective as what they are. Besides the work side of my placement I have had the chance to see different movie premiers in the office cinema and attended corporate events as well as making many new friends. I very much look forward to seeing what the rest of my placement has in store for me!


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