My placement so far: Bosch (Germany)

This post was written by Jamie, on placement in Germany at Bosch as part of his BSc Accounting and Finance (with placement) course

This is now my fifth week at Bosch in Stuttgart, Germany and I can honestly say that I am so happy I took a ‘leap of faith’ to move to a country for a year in which I had never previously studied the language. The lifestyle and social side of Stuttgart is great and I really encourage people to do their placements abroad!

As for the role itself, I have been given a wealth of responsibility which has meant that I have progressed very quickly in terms of my skill development. I am using a wide range of applications that I had no experience of before the start of the placement; now I have colleagues asking me to troubleshoot for them! The best part of the role is the fact that I am working within the automotive industry, supplying Jaguar Land Rover with Radar components for their wide range of vehicles, aiding autonomous driving. Being involved with this high level technology motivates me hugely as within the coming years this technology will be mass produced for consumers and to know that I was a part (a very small one!) of this process will be very rewarding.

Picture of the Neues Schloss, Stuttgart

When I’m not in the office, I’m exploring Stuttgart. Here’s a picture from the Neues Schloss (New Palace)

My typical daily tasks include leading the change control board meeting in which project managers from around the globe (the UK, Germany, Hungary, Romania to name a few) will discuss the changes that Jaguar Land Rover have requested to certain orders and come up with a plan to be able to deliver these changes both on time and within budget; other tasks included sample order management, answering customer queries regarding orders and contacting engineers and many other departments for help with producing timing plans for the rollouts of new vehicles.

I am excited for what the rest of my placement holds and I again want to encourage all people looking for placements to look abroad as the terrifying prospect of moving abroad by yourself will definitely pay off – I feel as if my confidence has already grown tenfold!

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