How to use Microsoft Teams

As we have moved onto virtual delivery for many of our services you may be wondering how to get set up using Microsoft Teams. All  mock interviews, follow up calls as well as our face to face meetings with students will now be delivered this way so it is important that you all know the basics.

We have put together this simple guide of how to use teams to get in contact with your Placement Advisor.


How to access your Microsoft Teams account.

Microsoft Teams is part of the Office 365 programme which you can access with your university login.

  • Load up Microsoft Teams using this link:
  • Login using your university email, ( eg., and password.
  • This will bring up your Microsoft Teams Homepage.
  • Optional: You can download the Microsoft Teams Desktop App for easy access in future.

Using Microsoft Teams to make an appointment.

There are two ways to schedule a meeting with your Placement Advisor using Microsoft Teams. Here is a quick overview of both ways. Alternatively, see this LinkedIn Learning tutorial on how to do this. Remember to use your university email and password for free access to LinkedInLearning courses.

Through your Outlook calendar on your university email.

To do this, open your calendar and click ‘New Appointment’ and fill in the information (date, time, meeting title). Before you send the appointment request, click on the ‘Teams Meeting’ option on the menu bar across the top. This will generate a link to the virtual meeting on team for you and the person(s) invited. Click ‘send’ to invite all parties.

Through the Microsoft Teams calendar.

When in Microsoft Teams, you can open your Outlook calendar by click ‘Calendar’ along the left hand side. Here you can set up a virtual meeting by inviting the relevant person(s) and assigning a date/time/topic for the meeting. This will automatically generate a ‘Teams Meeting’ link for all invitees.


If you do have any issues connecting to Microsoft Teams, please contact iSolutions to have this resolved.

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