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My marketing placement is about beauty

This post is written by third year Marketing student Rachel, currently enjoying a placement at Panasonic.

dsc_0804I’m now in my third month working at Panasonic – I can’t believe how quickly it is going… almost a quarter of the way through! I have found that I have fit into my team well and have quickly picked up what I need to do day-to-day as I tried to start the placement with no expectations so that I could get straight into the job and learn as I went.

I’m responsible for Small Kitchen Appliances and Beauty marketing – the Beauty category is growing so that’s fun to be a part of.  My role is quite varied and isn’t necessarily ‘traditional marketing’ as its more of a product marketing/management role; I have certain things I do every day, like updating tracking reports and daily sales reports; however each day I can be doing something different. I have a lot of contact with retailers like Argos and Boots who may be ranging certain stock, which can involve sending samples if they are potentially going to range them, to then setting up a product on the retailer’s website with the product information and images etc. I also work closely with several different teams, such as PR, Sales, and Brand Communications on different projects.

captureThe highlight of my first three months was an event we held at The Gherkin to promote the Panasonic Beauty range. There were over 50 journalists, celebrities and influencers at the event and I was responsible for having my own stall and informing them about the product and promoting the Panasonic Beauty range. It was such a fun day and it made me realise I would want to become more involved in PR or events in the future.

I’m looking forward to being more involved in the growth of the beauty category over the rest of the year, I’ve recently become responsible for running a promotional campaign which will run from October to December for shavers with the aftershave brand Rituals, and we’re also attending the Christmas Ideal Homes Show in November to promote the brand more. Overall, I’m enjoying it so far and feel as though it’s helping me learn what I want to do once I leave uni.



Top tips for securing a placement

This post is written by third year Accounting and Finance student Prabin, currently enjoying a finance placement at Meridian Corporate Finance.

Securing a placement can be a very lengthy process. It exposes you to a whole host of emotions: from the sigh of relief when you finally press ‘send’ on that online application, to the feeling of frustration when you receive a rejection email just two minutes later. The best feeling, though, is when you receive an offer – and here are my top tips for you to do just that!

#1 Persevere

As cheesy as it sounds, don’t give up. Let the rejections spur you on further to make more applications, and devote time to ensure the applications are as best as they can be. Although it’s important to make a lot of applications, it’s equally important to be clever about the applications you choose to make – a year is a long time and you don’t want to waste time making an application just to go on and withdraw at a later stage.

#2 – Start your placement search early

One of the biggest mistakes I made was searching for placements late. A lot of large companies recruit on a rolling basis – so will fill up their placement positions as time goes on. You get a lot of time to secure a placement but it’s best to start making applications early. It gets easier to find excuses the later you leave it (Christmas, January exams, coursework and Jesters were just a few of mine).

#3 Use the Placements Office

The Placements Office and the people in it have a greater idea of what a particular employer is looking for, so make sure to use them prior to every stage of the application. They have great connections and I wish I had made better use of it. Send them applications prior to submitting it online for review, meet with them for mock interviews, get tips for assessment centres and ask them any questions. They’ll help – they certainly did with me!

Good luck with the placements search!


My first month at Virgin Media

This post is written by third year Accounting and Finance student Matt, currently enjoying a finance internship at Virgin Media.

So, I’ve nearly completed my first month at Virgin Media, working in the Contact Centre Finance team, and it has already been a steep learning curve. It started with a couple of days of induction with all of the other interns across the company, providing strong opportunities for networking. The induction primarily focused on the core values of Virgin Media, and the importance of them on a day-to-day basis, with guest speakers coming in from all areas of the business to provide tips and a general insight into the company.  Following this came three days of ‘handover’ period in the office, where the previous intern showed me the ropes. There were lots of them!

In Finance, month end is a very busy period. The timings worked out just perfectly, so I started working just as it was about to start. Thankfully the people here are incredibly supportive, providing guidance whenever I needed it. One of the great things about Virgin Media is that they have a designated ‘Head of Year’ for each group of interns depending on department, as another point of contact. This has been great as my Head of Year has enabled us finance interns to meet senior finance managers, and has delivered small meetings to develop our business skills.

My team work in the ‘Customer’ division of the company, and we look after all the contact centres globally. We constantly work with partners domestically and overseas in South East Asia.  Working in the management accounting side of the company certainly has delivered great exposure. Already I have been involved in projects surrounding Brexit. For example, looking at our ForEx spend to reveal the real effect that the nation’s decision is having.

Over the next few months I am planning to travel around the country, visiting various different functions of the company, in particular the contact centres. As it’s what I’m dealing with day-to-day, it’ll be great to gain first-hand experience and an understanding of the tools that drive performance in our contact centres. Other days out will include shadowing our front line engineers, the ‘faces of Virgin Media’.

I’m looking forward to the rest of the year, and getting stuck in with all of the opportunities on offer here at Virgin Media!

Virgin Media are currently advertising placements for 2017/18. For more information, please check the jobs board.


Starting a placement is scary! Or is it?!

With our next cohort of students starting their placements during the summer months, we thought we’d share with you some of their comments about the first week. It’s normal to be a little bit nervous about the year ahead of you. After all, for many it’s the first time you will be entering ‘real life’ and discovering what it’s like doing a real job in your chosen industry.

But fear not! Placement students are well supported by their placement providers and our Placements Office alike, and we’re excited to say that all our students have said that they are really enjoying themselves, learning lots and doing meaningful tasks as part of a team from the very start. Here are some comments from the 2016/17 placement students…

First week


How can social media help you find a placement?


social media blog 1social media blog 2



BEWARE your online reputation.

It’s important to remember that social networks are public and there are consequences for what you post – even if your intensions aren’t malicious.

How to manage your online reputation

Keep language and tone professional

Never post something you wouldn’t be comfortable sharing with an employer

Photos, content and comments can give an employer an insight into your values, as well as confirm claims you make in your CV or at interviews

Use a professional photograph in your profile

Join relevant groups, follow employers, and write about your work experience


When used responsibly social media can be used to create and promote your own brand and sign post you to job opportunities


Check out the FBLA Placement Office Social Media