Blog about blogs… a.k.a Placement Students in Action!

We at the Placements Office love seeing the work that our placement students produce. Blogs are a big part of today’s culture, both professionally and personally – you’re reading one right now! – so naturally, some of our students are creating content for their employers’ blogs whilst on placement.┬áToday we bring you two of those blogs.

Will is doing his marketing placement at RateMyPlacement, an organisation that is familiar to anyone interested in placements (if you aren’t familiar with them yet, visit their website ASAP, you won’t be disappointed!) He regularly writes posts to the RMP blog, you can see one of them here.


Theo and Holly are on a placement at Fresh Relevance, and have written this blog post about what it’s like doing marketing for a company whose business is to offer clever marketing tools for online retailers. You can read their blog post here.


As you can see, blogs are a great source of information, whether you are currently applying for placements, on one already and eager to find out what other placement are doing, or even f you’ve completed your placement and considering your graduate job options.

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