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Motorbikes and marketing placements

This post is written by third year Marketing student Scott, currently enjoying a placement at BMW Motorrad.

scott-bmw2I have been working at BMW Motorrad as a Digital Marketing Assistant for 4 months now and I’m finding it hard to believe how quickly the weeks are flying by; I’ve also found that the weekend flies by even faster!

As a Digital Marketing Assistant, I am responsible for maintaining the national website for BMW Motorrad and all of their social media accounts. I am also in charge of the advert creation process and this has led me to create several adverts that we display on popular motorcycle websites.

As part of my day-to-day, I will perform website updates to make sure that all of the information displaying on the website is correct and up-to-date. This also includes the creation of new web pages that display information relating to our current offers. During the week, I create the communication bulletin
that I send out to each retailer and this lets each of them know about changes that they need to keep an eye
out for. In addition, I will liaise with a variety of agencies that we use and brief in new projects that need to be completed in preparation for bike launches and events etc.


Despite my job title, I have also had the opportunity to work at and organise events for the company, both of which have been great learning experiences in themselves. Although it was stressful at the time, I was given a lot of responsibility in organising our new bike training event for each of the retailers at Donington race circuit and it was great to see the event come to realisation.scottbmw1

A particular highlight of my placement so far would be working at the Moto GP in Silverstone at the beginning of September, as this was an event I always watched on television growing up. If you haven’t been to a Moto GP before I would seriously recommend it and watching it on television doesn’t do it justice in the slightest!

Later this year, I will be working in a Motorrad retailer in order to see how this side of the business operates and at the start of next year I will gain experience working at one of our agencies, which in turn will benefit me in my current role and help me with deciding a career path. I am also looking forward to getting my motorcycle licence through BMW Rider Training by the end of the year.


My marketing placement is about beauty

This post is written by third year Marketing student Rachel, currently enjoying a placement at Panasonic.

dsc_0804I’m now in my third month working at Panasonic – I can’t believe how quickly it is going… almost a quarter of the way through! I have found that I have fit into my team well and have quickly picked up what I need to do day-to-day as I tried to start the placement with no expectations so that I could get straight into the job and learn as I went.

I’m responsible for Small Kitchen Appliances and Beauty marketing – the Beauty category is growing so that’s fun to be a part of.  My role is quite varied and isn’t necessarily ‘traditional marketing’ as its more of a product marketing/management role; I have certain things I do every day, like updating tracking reports and daily sales reports; however each day I can be doing something different. I have a lot of contact with retailers like Argos and Boots who may be ranging certain stock, which can involve sending samples if they are potentially going to range them, to then setting up a product on the retailer’s website with the product information and images etc. I also work closely with several different teams, such as PR, Sales, and Brand Communications on different projects.

captureThe highlight of my first three months was an event we held at The Gherkin to promote the Panasonic Beauty range. There were over 50 journalists, celebrities and influencers at the event and I was responsible for having my own stall and informing them about the product and promoting the Panasonic Beauty range. It was such a fun day and it made me realise I would want to become more involved in PR or events in the future.

I’m looking forward to being more involved in the growth of the beauty category over the rest of the year, I’ve recently become responsible for running a promotional campaign which will run from October to December for shavers with the aftershave brand Rituals, and we’re also attending the Christmas Ideal Homes Show in November to promote the brand more. Overall, I’m enjoying it so far and feel as though it’s helping me learn what I want to do once I leave uni.



How to succeed in those first few months

Starting a placement is exciting. We love talking to students right after they’ve started (we have a first week catch up call with them all) and hear what their early experiences in a real job are like. Although there’s often the usual struggles – like waking up early and getting to work by 9am every morning (welcome to the real life, dear students!) – they’re all making the most of the experience and tell us that being able to apply their degree knowledge to a real working environment is great fun and a welcome challenge.

If you’re about to start your placement soon, and are wondering how to make the most of the year from the very start, here are some great tips to get you started from and LinkedIn.

Don’t try too hardsuccess-quotes_13266-5

If you’re the confident type you might want to try and impress your new workmates by being pushy or sharing your ideas openly. Try not to do this; you’ll have time later on and you won’t be expected to come into a new situation and have all the answers.


See your manager as someone you help, not someone who tells you what to do

Offer-Help-to-Your-ReadersYes, in theory, your manager gets to tell you what to do. In practice, that’s probably not why she hired you.

Here’s a better approach: Your manager has things she needs to get done. See your job as helping her get those things done. The more you help her achieve her goals and targets the more highly you will be valued.

Plus you’ll find it’s a lot easier to work hard when you feel you’re helping someone instead of obeying them. And you’ll enjoy your work more too – it’s a lot more fun and an infinitely more rewarding to help than to comply.

Go the extra mile – and often

Early on you probably don’t have all the skills you need. You probably don’t have all the experience. You probably don’t have all the contacts and connections.

But you can have the willingness to work extremely hard.

Work hard and everyone around you will forgive a certain lack of skill and experience. They’ll know you’re trying – and sometimes, at least for a while, that’s all that matters.


You can read the full articles and get more awesome tips by clicking on the above links.


Starting a placement is scary! Or is it?!

With our next cohort of students starting their placements during the summer months, we thought we’d share with you some of their comments about the first week. It’s normal to be a little bit nervous about the year ahead of you. After all, for many it’s the first time you will be entering ‘real life’ and discovering what it’s like doing a real job in your chosen industry.

But fear not! Placement students are well supported by their placement providers and our Placements Office alike, and we’re excited to say that all our students have said that they are really enjoying themselves, learning lots and doing meaningful tasks as part of a team from the very start. Here are some comments from the 2016/17 placement students…

First week