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New Year, new placement goals!

It’s the New Year, and most students have reached the half-way point on their placement. By now, you have settled into your role and the company, and can do your day-to-day job pretty darn well. In fact, you can probably do it so well that sometimes it feels a bit repetitive or even boring. This is not good for you or your employer, so what can you do about it?


Reflect on your role and think about how you could improve what you do

blog1Think about other functions within the business

blog2Plan your personal development


Once you’ve identified something that you’d like to do whilst still on placement, you have the most important step to take: speak to your line manager and let them know what you are thinking. Make positive suggestions about what you’d like to do during the rest of your time on placement, and discuss the possibility of taking on additional things to improve your skills and knowledge. If you’ve found an online course that you’d like to do, and it would benefit you in the current role, you can ask your manager if you can set aside some working time to study the course.

The key in all this is to be active and drive your own development. Employers are generally very happy to accommodate your development requests as long as it doesn’t have a negative effect on the business. I hope you’re able to come up with some exciting goals for the next few months!


PR placement in the car industry: olympians, events and more!

This post is written by third year Marketing student Tom, currently enjoying a PR placement at Nissan.

Within my time in the PR department of Nissan, I have had the pleasure of working on some pretty cool projects and events. Within my first month I had already worked an event with the world-record holding drift car, had worked with (at that time) Britain’s greatest ever Olympian Sir Chris Hoy, and had begun to plan a Rio themed carnival at the offices to celebrate our Olympics sponsorship – busy is an understatement.tom-collage

The parts I’ve enjoyed most about my time at Nissan are working and planning the events and generating ideas for activations, as it allows me to be creative and the budget allows me to dream big. As part of the Rio carnival, we had double-gold winning gymnast Max Whitlock come in to talk to staff about his Rio success and to give a demonstration and lesson on how to use the pommel horse, his preferred routine.tom4

I am also responsible for the upkeep of the Nissan employee app and intranet. This means that I get to act as a roaming reporter and write about loads of interesting things going on in the world of Nissan, and experience all facets of the business. I have recently taken a trip to the factory to watch the cars being built and saw the transformation from the sheets of steel through to the finished product. I also plan to go back to the factory next quarter and try my hand working on the line and building the cars.tom5

We also sponsor the UEFA Champions League, and I am currently working on generating ideas for activations that will engage employees and make them excited and proud to be part of Nissan, and gives them chances to win tickets to the Champions League final in Cardiff next June.

So far, I have really enjoyed my time at Nissan, but still miss the university lifestyle immensely!


Placement that uplifts your spirits

This post is written by third year Marketing student Sam, currently enjoying a placement at William Grant & Sons UK.

sam1I have been working within the marketing team at William Grant and Sons UK for almost two months now and have been exposed to all aspects of the spirits industry. WGS UK is one of the biggest premium spirits companies in the world and own popular brands such as Hendricks Gin, Glenfiddich Whisky and Monkey Shoulder.

It’s fair to say that I’ve been very busy! I travelled to Nottingham on my 2nd day to attend a workshop for one of our craft vodka brands, as well as attending the company’s annual conference in Scotland a few weeks later. Whilst I was up there I got the chance to tour the famous Glenfiddich distillery and learn more about how whisky is made. This was by far the highlight of my placement to date and was a great way to meet people early on! I’ve also had opportunities to go out into the trade (bars and restaurants) and see how our field team work with clients and customers too, which means I’m not stuck in the office all the time!

sam2But it hasn’t all been fun and games, as insights executive my role involves supporting our brand managers and the general marketing team by carrying out competitor analysis and offering insight into why consumer trends are occurring and how we should therefore market our products. It’s a very consumer behaviour focused role which is something I’ve always been interested in. Right from the word go I have been given responsibility and have had the opportunity to offer my ideas in a creative sense as well, when attending workshops and brand events, which I’ve really enjoyed. There has been a challenging learning curve when using new software’s and learning about the industry and all its terminology! Trust me there’s a lot of it! However, the experience of my colleagues and the relaxed company culture has made the transition from university to working life easier than expected.

sam3One project I have been working on is analysing the performance of our brands and their competitors within the rum market. This is in preparation for a workshop in Glasgow at the end of the month, where I will present my findings to some of the marketing team.

Already within my first couple of months my placement has begun to help me clarify what career path I may want to pursue within marketing and confirms to me that I chose the right course. The one bit of advice I’d give to 1st and 2nd year students is not to panic! If something doesn’t come along straight away, keep persisting and putting in the effort with applications.

It’s a young and really exciting industry to be a part of and it’s fair to say walking into a bar will never be the same!


Secure your placement at BMW

Would you like to work for the world’s top-selling luxury car maker? BMW offer over 20 student placements across marketing communications, product, press, finance and aftersales, so you will definitely find something to suit you! To find out more about what it is like to work for BMW read about Scott and Ellis’ experiences on this blog.


Before applying for a placement with BMW, make sure you read our top tips from current student Ellis:

1- Be Authentic.

BMW’s corporate culture is all about being yourself. Telephone interviews and assessment centres are relaxed and are focused on your interests and experiences. It is encouraged that you work flexibly to ensure a good work-life balance throughout your placement, and that you are also true to your personality in the workplace!

2- Know the Brand.

Commercial awareness is essential whether you apply for a placement in marketing communications, product, press, finance or aftersales. Do you research about BMW and its competitors and this will pay off throughout the application procbmw-ho4ess.

3- Be Open to Other Roles.

Although you may have a set role in mind when applying, BMW may not agree that you’re right for that specific placement. However, if they think you are right for the company they may offer you another role across marketing communications, product, press, finance and aftersales. So stay open-minded! BMW is a great company to work for and whichever role you end up in you will get a wide range of unique opportunities throughout the year and get to work with many other business areas.

4- Show them you are Different!

BMW are looking for innovative young people to break down the old ways of working, simplify processes and move towards a flexible working culture. Don’t play it safe during the application process. Showcase your creativity and how you will be a key component of positive change in the

Applications for BMW placements 2017/2018 are open now until 4 December 2016.

To find out more and to apply for a placement at BMW, visit



Blog about blogs… a.k.a Placement Students in Action!

We at the Placements Office love seeing the work that our placement students produce. Blogs are a big part of today’s culture, both professionally and personally – you’re reading one right now! – so naturally, some of our students are creating content for their employers’ blogs whilst on placement. Today we bring you two of those blogs.

Will is doing his marketing placement at RateMyPlacement, an organisation that is familiar to anyone interested in placements (if you aren’t familiar with them yet, visit their website ASAP, you won’t be disappointed!) He regularly writes posts to the RMP blog, you can see one of them here.


Theo and Holly are on a placement at Fresh Relevance, and have written this blog post about what it’s like doing marketing for a company whose business is to offer clever marketing tools for online retailers. You can read their blog post here.


As you can see, blogs are a great source of information, whether you are currently applying for placements, on one already and eager to find out what other placement are doing, or even f you’ve completed your placement and considering your graduate job options.